About us

The Company was established on 1 November 2013. We have started the company with no investors or financing of any sort. We aim to give our clients the best service and after sales service. Our company is a home business for now. We do cold calling and do our own marketing. We advertise/list the business on every website in South Africa were we can.

What we do

We sell LED lights to the public. We go out to all corners of South Africa and sell our LED lights to farmers and business owners at a better price he or she will get from the wholesalers or retail stores and the same if not better quality. We visit customers businesses and homes to give them the service and quote according to their needs.

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Vision statement

We strive to supply wholesalers and retail stores at a low price so the consumer can buy the product at a lower price. We aim to have our own company packaging and importing products ourselves which will allow us to sell at an even better price.

Mission statement

Our mission it to be the lowest but still good products supplier of LED light in the market. We are looking to open a store in the near future. We will be looking for an investor to help us reach our goals. We have this far made a name for us in the market and striving to be a well know trading/supplier name.


  • Best professional service
  • Value for money
  • Make sure the customer is happy at the end of the day


We drive out to the clients to sell or show our products. If the client needs to have it send to him/her we pay for the freight costs. We fully support after sale service.

Quality policies

All products carry some kind of rating or SABS certificate supplied by the importers.


LED Flood lights

Solar LED flood lights

LED Corn lights

LED tubes

4x4 LED Spot lights

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LED candle lights

LED Flood light with magnifier

LED Hi-bay lights

Rear view vehicle camera

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Business competitiveness

We go out to the client’s premises/business/home and show the client our product and test the lights brightness to make sure that is the light he wants. We do a quote and an electricity savings calculation for the client to show him/her how much electricity he/she will be saving over a year and also five years.

Should the client be happy with the quote we arrange everything. The client have a choice to pay only 50% upfront and the rest once the project is completed or the client can pay the full amount upfront. If anything should go wrong we do not take a week or more to go back to the customer, we go back in 24 hours. We have the best after sales service out there.

Contact us

Address: 4 Dann Road, Greendale Gardens unit 39, Glen Marais, Kempton Park, 1619
Tel: Shawn 082 909 8040
Email: info@kssdistributors.co.za, shawn@kssdistributors.co.za
VAT No: 4770264515
Company registration number: 2013/206963/07

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